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MBUX Tips&Tricks

MBUX - Mercedes-Benz User Experience

The called MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) is the latest multimedia system from Mercedes-Benz. The system is brand new and comes with many new functions such as artificial intelligence or extensive voice control, which can be activated via "Hey Mercedes" and offers a new world of voice control. In addition, equipped with an A.I. but because so much is new and a wild letter Djungel only confuses you, we explain the most important innovations and functions to you here.
Let's start with the breakdown of the operation, then we will go into more detail about the functions and possible uses.

Part of the standard equipment?

Yes, the standard scope includes two 7" touchscreens and the MBUX multimedia system.

Note: There are various optional extras that extend the system.
The optional extras include the navigation basic and navigation premium packages, the touchpad, augmented reality navigation and smartphone integration.

Which functions does MBUX influence?

Navigation, radio, smartphone, seat heating, air conditioning, ambient lighting and more - MBUX controls all comfort and multimedia settings.

How do I operate MBUX?

Steering wheel:
Navigate the information as usual using the buttons on the steering wheel.

The touchpad remains on board or can be added as an optional extra and the new system can then also be operated with it.

Touch display:
Of course, the new system can also be controlled with a sure instinct via touch, as is already the case with other displays and systems.

Voice control:
Voice control is not a new type of control, but with the new system it ushers in a new era of voice control, making it an assistant that can be used and used on a daily basis. Just say "Hey Mercedes" and voice control is activated. Say your command and the vehicle will carry it out or give you suggestions.

MBUX equipped with artificial intelligence?

Yes, the new system is equipped with artificial intelligence, so the system learns your habits and adapts better and better over time.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, an umbrella term for applications in which machines perform human-like intelligence feats. Such as machine learning or machine learning, the processing of natural language (natural language processing which is used in Amazon's Alexa voice service, among other things), which makes a very positive contribution to voice control and deep learning. The basic idea is to use machines to approximate important functions of the human brain - learning, judgment and problem solving.

Of course there is more to report about it, but in order to continue with the MBUX, let's take a closer look at the voice control next, which brings many improvements and innovations with it and thus makes everyday life noticeably easier.

What are the advantages of artificial intelligence?

To keep us short, compared to humans, robots are able to work much more accurately and precisely. This is due to their fine motor skills, which they have and are not nervous or trembling, for example. In addition, they have a large number of moving parts that can perform tasks with the highest accuracy.
Are we already in contact with artificial intelligence? Well, if you like to watch a film on Netflix or Amazon from time to time and you get suggestions, or you surf the web with your smartphone and get product or video suggestions, then you've already had contact and know what artificial intelligence is. 

For example, the display of the phone number that is always called at the same time. The new and improved Mercedes me connect services, in turn, optimize navigation – through so-called Car-to-X communication, in which vehicles and the traffic infrastructure communicate with each other and mutually exchange relevant information on the traffic situation. But it gets even better: the MBUX multimedia system also includes a language assistant, which we will now go into more detail about in the next paragraph.

Voice control has never been so easy and intuitive as in the new infotainment system from Mercedes-Benz. Just talk to your language assistant in your usual colloquial language and give him commands.

Activate the assistant with a simple "Hey Mercedes" or press the MBUX button on the steering wheel.
After that you can issue commands like:
"I'm cold. Turn on the heating.”
Do you answer queries "How many degrees should I set the heating to"? With your desired temperature x
Your desired command will then be executed.
Further examples:
"Play Hip Hop"
"Navigate to the... street"
"Open the sun blind"
"Turn on the heated seats"
"Call Person X"
Restaurant suggestions
Read and dictate text messages
Control of Calls
Music requests
Temperature control
Time of the next service appointment
Range of the tank filling
Weather forecast
Currently allowed speed
and many more …
More Information About Mercedes Commands Here

As is so often the case, we find ourselves in complex traffic situations in which we find it difficult to take the right exit, entrance or intersection. Augmented Reality Navigation ensures a significant improvement in road safety through the information displayed in 3D on the windscreen (e.g. blue directional arrows), which are projected directly onto the road, so to speak, and missing the right exit is almost unthinkable. As if that weren't enough, traffic signs or warnings are also displayed for maximum safety and minimum traffic distraction. Get to your destination safely and stress-free.

If you look at your Mercedes from the front, the side (mirror), or the rear, you will definitely notice the camera, sensors hidden behind black covers and a video-based AR system.

The AR systems use the image of the vehicle's forward-facing camera and place an additional layer of information on top of it, which is then known as augmented reality navigation.

  1. Create and customize profiles for different drivers or settings.
  2. Connect and switch between two phones for hands-free calling and texting.
  3. Use the mute button to silence the voice assistant or incoming calls.
  4. View additional information about the radio station or song you're listening to using the radio text feature.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the home screen layout and the various functions and features it offers.
  6. Choose from a variety of themes to personalize the look of your MBUX interface.
  7. Adjust the appearance and layout of the instrument cluster display to suit your preferences.
  8. Explore the features and benefits of the Mercedes me app, which connects you to your vehicle and offers access to services and information.
  9. Take advantage of the option to use the internet in your car to access websites, streaming services, and more.
  10. Turn off the "Hey Mercedes" wake word if you don't want to use the voice assistant.
  11. Adjust the volume of the parking sensors to your preference, or turn them off if desired.
  12. Use the "P" button to easily access the navigation menu and enter destinations or search for points of interest.
  13. Set a preferred commuter route to get faster and more efficient driving directions.
  14. Enable the traffic lights on augmented reality feature to see real-time traffic light information on the display.
  15. Use the speed limits feature to set a maximum speed for the cruise control or limiter, helping you to stay within the legal limit.
  1. Phone: Connect and use your phone with MBUX for hands-free calling, texting, and other features.
  2. Navi: Access the navigation system to enter destinations, search for points of interest, and get real-time traffic updates.
  3. Radio: Listen to the radio and access additional information about the station or song you're listening to.
  4. Media: Play music, videos, and other media from a variety of sources, such as your phone or a USB drive.
  5. Comfort: Adjust the settings and features that contribute to your comfort and convenience, such as the climate control and seat position.
  6. Info: View information about your vehicle, such as fuel level, tire pressure, and maintenance reminders.
  7. Mercedes Me & Apps: Connect to and use various Mercedes me services and apps, such as remote start and vehicle tracking.
  8. Settings: Customize various settings and preferences for the MBUX system and your vehicle.

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