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Mercedes-Benz Ambient Lighting

Everything About Mercedes-Benz Ambient Lighting

Mercedes-Benz offers a variety of options for giving the car interior an individual, special atmosphere with ambient light sets.
In many car models, the car interior lighting is still a standard version that leaves little room for your own ideas. Most of the time, the light only comes from a central point in the upper area at the transition between the roof and windshield. In the area of ​​the fittings, the displays are then illuminated in the dark.
There are regularly few individual setting options for the light. There is no pleasant lighting atmosphere that can be tailored to one's own wishes and needs. It's different at Mercedes-Benz. Different ambience sets set new standards for ambient lighting in the car.


Why ambient lighting in the car?

This special form of car interior lighting creates a very special atmosphere. Color tones and special effects chosen by the vehicle driver include the lighting in the vehicle ambience. The glare-free lighting makes it easier for the driver to reliably identify controls and other parts of the vehicle interior, especially when driving at dusk and at night. Unlike a basic version of the lighting in a vehicle, the ambient lighting in a Mercedes-Benz car will illuminate, for example, door areas, footwells, vents and other areas of the interior. The ambient lighting in the car of your choice increases driving pleasure and the feeling of well-being in the vehicle. Modern LED lighting leaves nothing to be desired at Mercedes-Benz. Lighting sets in various dimensions and price ranges can be retrofitted at Mercedes-Benz at any time.


Advantages of the right ambient lighting for Mercedes-Benz

The interior of the vehicle is not only enhanced in terms of atmosphere by the ambient lighting for the car. The indirect lighting creates a lot of safety, especially when driving at night, and can reduce the factor of fatigue.
The interior lighting can be adjusted to your own wishes and needs with the ambient lighting for Mercedes-Benz. This primarily affects the setting of different color tones, but also dimming effects and more. Up to 64 shades are possible at the factory. The aforementioned lighting for the car is economical in consumption and durable thanks to the LED lights used.


Determine the effect of the colors in the lighting yourself

Colors have very different effects on us humans. Maybe you feel the need for a more vital color effect during a long drive. Red and yellow tones are ideal here. On the other hand, shades of green and blue create a calming atmosphere. Color tones also affect our mood and our energy level in lighting units with the selected lighting in the car. It is also important, primarily in a small space such as inside a car, that the lighting does not dazzle us or distract our attention from the traffic. Our eyes tire more slowly when they are exposed to indirect light from pleasant, self-selected color tones inside the car. The view from the interior to the outside can be increased by choosing the right ambient lighting in the car. This is especially true in the city environment, where a lot of extraneous light can penetrate from outside. The ambient lighting in Mercedes-Benz also improves visibility.


High-quality materials for the ambient lighting from Mercedes-Benz

The ambience light solutions from Mercedes-Benz are of high quality. LED light is covered by protective ABS. The streamlined design of the Mercedes-Benz models is reinforced by the ambient lighting in the car, which is tailored to personal preferences. Discover now the effect of indirect, individual interior lighting for your vehicle. Ambient lighting can be retrofitted in the car as a Mercedes-Benz accessory. Professional installation by a specialist workshop is recommended. Make even more out of the vehicle interior - with ambient lighting for Mercedes-Benz.


Is it possible to retrofit an original replacement ambient light kit for my Mercedes-Benz?

Yes, it's possible. It depends on your vehicle model and its equipment, at benz-yourself you will find a wide range of options for retrofitting missing equipment features in your Mercedes-Benz model. Add some ambient lighting to the interior of your Mercedes Benz. We offer various kits, for example, ambient light stripes, ac ambient air vent light and more. The ambient light kits are also available to change the existing ambient lighting system from 3 colours to 64 colour via factory control. Ambient lighting comes as standard equipment in almost all of the newer models in the Mercedes Benz lineup.


Adding ambient light to the interior of Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Our kits are available to add ambient light to the interior of the vehicle. These consist of led strips and air condiotion lights that must be installed on the interior panels, daschboard and air vents. The advantage of the kits is it allows the customer freedom to customize the interior of the vehicle to his style.

This mostly involves taking the interior panel apart and installing a new wiring harness for additional led. However, the upgraded LEDs use the same optic fibre tubes in the interior panels and the result is very clean since no additional parts are installed on the interior panels.


Operation and selection of the color ambience lighting system

  • Press the home button on your display screen

  • Go to vehicle settings

  • Click on light settings

  • Click on ambient light

  • select the desired colour

  • Preset colour options are also available in the same menu.


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