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Experience the Next Level of Infotainment with the Latest MBUX System from Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) is the second generation of a user-centered infotainment system that adapts to individual users and makes personalized recommendations for a range of infotainment, comfort, and vehicle functions. This system, which includes a context-sensitive user interface powered by artificial intelligence (AI), reduces the number of interaction steps required to use its various functions. The "zero layer" of the MBUX system presents users with dynamic, aggregated content and relevant services at the top level of the MBUX information architecture, while the "magic modules" suggest additional functions that may be of interest to the user based on context and AI analysis.

Hey Mercedes: Enhanced Language Assistance

The MBUX system includes a language assistant called "Hey Mercedes," which has been enhanced in this second generation to provide even more dialog and learning capabilities. It can be activated through the Mercedes me App and can trigger certain actions without the need for the activation term "Hey Mercedes," such as taking a phone call. "Hey Mercedes" can also explain vehicle functions, assist with connecting smartphones via Bluetooth, and help users locate the first-aid kit. It can also integrate with compatible building technology and household appliances through the smart home function, allowing users to control these devices from the vehicle using voice commands. Additionally, "Hey Mercedes" can recognize individual occupants by their voice and provide access to personal data and functions through profile activation.

MBUX High-End Rear Entertainment Plus

The MBUX system also includes the option for high-end rear entertainment, featuring two 11.6-inch displays with touch controls on the backrests of the driver and front passenger seats. These screens allow passengers to share content and select and modify navigation destinations from the rear seats. The MBUX rear tablet, which can be ordered as an additional feature, functions as a fully-fledged tablet and can be used outside the vehicle, with the ability to install (Android) apps. This tablet serves as a remote control for all rear entertainment functions and can be conveniently controlled from any seated position.

MBUX Interior Assistant

The MBUX system includes an interior assistant that uses cameras in the overhead control unit and learning algorithms to recognize and respond to a range of operating requests. It interprets head movements, hand gestures, and body language to activate the appropriate vehicle functions. In addition to providing ease of use, the interior assistant also promotes safety, issuing a Blind Spot Assist exit warning when the hand approaches the door handle and reminding drivers to fasten the seat belt if a child seat is detected on the front passenger seat.

Online Music: Stream Millions of Songs

The MBUX system also includes a feature called "Online Music," which allows users to stream millions of songs through various music service providers. Users can access this feature through the "Hey Mercedes" voice assistant or the MBUX touchscreen. In addition to music streaming, the MBUX system offers a range of other online services, including weather updates, news, and traffic information.

MBUX: Key Questions
  • What is MBUX? It is a new infotainment system designed to simplify and digitize the operation of numerous vehicle functions, providing a unique user experience.

  • How do I use MBUX? It is displayed on two widescreen displays (7 inches or 10.25 inches) and can be controlled through voice commands, the touchscreen, a touchpad, or steering wheel buttons.

  • How does voice control work? Simply say "Hey Mercedes" to activate voice control, then give your command and the vehicle will either carry it out or provide suggestions.

  • What functions does MBUX control? It manages a wide range of comfort and multimedia settings, including navigation, radio, smartphone, seat heating, air conditioning, and ambient lighting.

  • What commands can I give to MBUX? The system is flexible and can respond to a variety of commands, such as "I'm cold," "Play Hip-Hop," "Navigate to Bornheimer Straße," "Turn on the heated seats," "Call Mom," or "Open the sun blind."

  • Is MBUX part of the standard equipment? Yes, the standard package includes two 7" touchscreens and the MBUX multimedia system, with a variety of optional extras available for an additional fee.

  • What special equipment is available? Options for MBUX include the basic and premium navigation packages, a touchpad, augmented reality navigation, and smartphone integration.

  • What is the Navigation Basic Package? It includes the 7" media display, extended functions (voice control, personalization, WiFi hotspot), Mercedes-Benz navigation, preparation for Live Traffic Information, and the touchpad on the center console.

  • What is Augmented Reality Navigation? It is a feature that uses a front camera to provide practical information, such as arrows, house numbers, and speed limits, on the multimedia display for innovative and safe navigation.

  • What is the Navigation Premium Package? It includes the 10.25" widescreen, extended MBUX functions, Mercedes-Benz Navigation, pre-installation for Live Traffic Information, pre-installation for digital radio, touchpad, and Traffic Sign Assist.

  • What are on-demand amenities? These are software-based extras that can be activated after purchase, including the remote parking assistant, vehicle setup, concierge service, in-car office, Live Traffic Information, and vehicle monitoring.

  • What is Remote Park Assist? It is a feature that allows you to park your vehicle in and out using the smartphone app, with the ability to park parallel or perpendicular and full safety through ultrasonic sensors.

  • What is the vehicle setup? It allows you to personalize your vehicle (mirror settings, favorite radio stations, etc.), check the vehicle status on your smartphone (fuel level, tire pressure), lock or unlock it, control the auxiliary heating, or view the charging status of plug-in models.

  • What is the concierge service? It is a service that provides recommendations and makes reservations for restaurants or hotels, books event and concert tickets, and offers information on various topics such as stock prices, sports results, cinema programs



The second generation of the MBUX system from Mercedes-Benz offers a user-centered infotainment experience that adapts to individual users and makes personalized recommendations for a range of infotainment, comfort, and vehicle functions. It includes a range of features, such as a context-sensitive user interface powered by artificial intelligence, a language assistant called "Hey Mercedes," high-end rear entertainment options, an interior assistant, and access to online music and other services. These features work together to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for users of the MBUX system.

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