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Mercedes-Benz Full Autonomous Driving (Level 3)

Mercedes-Benz is the first manufacturer to officially receive Level 3 autonomous driving approval for German roads


Reading the newspaper, looking around on the cell phone or watching videos while driving in the car?


Mercedes-Benz was the first manufacturer to officially present and introduce level 3 autonomous driving for German roads in the S-class & EQS. In this article, we will explain you what conditions have to be met, how advanced this technology is and what benefits you might get from autonomous driving.
  • The official sales release is on 17.05.2022
  • Available in either the combustion class or the EQS model
  • And since not everyone can or wants to afford an S-Class or EQS, the technology will be used across Mercedes classes in the future.
      The first big difference to a vehicle without level 3 autonomous driving can be seen on the front (in the radiator panel) of the vehicle by 2 large sensors. In our opinion, however, it is more nicely hidden in the combustion class than in the EQS, where the sensors are easily visible.
      the current surcharge for level 3 autonomous driving that you currently pay at mercedes-benz in germany is around 5000€ for the S-Class and it is a bit more expensive for the EQS and the current surcharge is around 7500€.
      For whom the system is worthwhile and who says it's of no use to me at all
      Beginnig with the questions, where it works, where it doesn't work and why it doesn't work in certain situations and where it works where you might never have expected it.The first and important information about the system is that it is only permitted on federal motorways and not in the city or on country roads, which takes away many hopes of a relief in everyday stressful city traffic.The second requirement is not to exceed 60 km/h. Means the system only works at a speed below 60 km/h and Mercedes itself also declared it as a traffic jam assistance system. Lane changes are not permitted by the drive pilot and are therefore not possible.
      Unfortunately, there is another condition that is necessary for level 3 autonomous driving and that is a vehicle driving in front of your car that the system stops at and determines.
      But now, after all the conditions have been met and the system has located itself in the target lane, you get an offer on the driver's display with a recognizable letter A, which can be confirmed with the 2 silver-colored buttons on the steering wheel. You can also activate the system by pushing the button on the steering wheel. After pressing the button on the steering wheel, the silver-colored buttons pulsate in a turquoise shade and the system (the drive pilot) is active. Another condition for autonomous driving is that the air conditioning is set to automatic and the statutory requirement is that it cannot be changed or switched off when the drive pilot is active, the background being that you can be sure that the windows are free of fogging.  A little trick, you can increase the temperature a bit and the air conditioner will reach the temperature faster and the strong blowing from the fans will stop during the car driving.


      What the drive pilot does not cover
      • Tunnel
      • Rain
      • Snow
      • Darkness


      Can you now read magazines, play games on your cell phone or watch videos while driving autonomously?
      Yes, as long as the camera system that checks the driver's eyes is not covered, these and other useful tasks such as answering e-mails or confirming an appointment are possible. Important, you should always keep an eye on the traffic in order to be able to intervene if necessary.


      The system explained

      3 systems are combined (the accident sensors)

      The normal driving assistance package 

      • Radar sytem 
      • Camera system
      And additionally
      • Lidar sensor


      Whether level 3 autonomous driving is right for you depends entirely on your driver profile and use. We think it's really good that Mercedes-Benz is going ahead and can therefore also collect a lot of real test data and thus improve the technology and safety for the future with more knowledge. For those with the right driving profile or those who are simply interested in autonomous driving, such an upgrade is worthwhile and lets you experience the future today.

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