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Plug In, Power Up: A Friendly Guide to Mercedes EQ Charging

At, we want to make sure your Mercedes EQ is always charged and ready for your next adventure. Mercedes EQ has created a seamless charging ecosystem with charging station partnerships, apps, payment plans, and in-car navigation. In this guide, we'll explore these innovative features, explain the different charging levels, show you how to find a charging station, and walk you through the hassle-free payment process.

Navigating the Ecosystem


Mastering the Electric Vehicle Charging Levels: 1, 2, and 3

To get the most out of your EQ, it's essential to understand the three available charging levels. Just remember: the higher the level, the faster the charge!

  1. Level 1 (120-volt AC charge): This slowest charging level uses the same voltage as a standard household outlet. Your EQ might include a 120-volt charging cord in the trunk. We recommend using this method only when no faster options are available, as it can take over 24 hours to charge.

  2. Level 2 (240-volt AC charge): Quicker than Level 1, you can find Level 2 chargers at public stations or as wall-mounted boxes at home. They provide a full charge overnight, ensuring your EQ is ready when you are. Visit to learn more and get a free estimate for a home installation.

  3. Level 3 (DC Fast Charge): The fastest option, Level 3 chargers use a larger plug and socket and range from 400 to 900 volts. They can charge your car from 10% to 80% in just 31 minutes—perfect for quick, on-the-go charging sessions.


Find a Charging Station with Ease

To locate nearby charging stations, open your EQ's navigation screen, select the EQ tile, and click "Charging Stations." You can view details about each station and filter the search by charger type. To start navigation, press "Let's Go."

You can also use the Mercedes Me Connect app to find a station and sync the location with your car's navigation system.


Hassle-Free Charging Payments

When you purchase your EQ, your Mercedes-Benz dealership will help set up a Mercedes Me Charge account. This one-time sign-up grants access to charging stations, eliminating the need for multiple accounts.

To start a charging session, make sure your car is parked, turned off, and unlocked. Swipe your Mercedes Me Charge card (included in your welcome kit) to activate the session. Open the charging cap, remove the rubber plug if using a DC charger, and insert the charging plug until it clicks. The lights will change from orange to blue, signaling the start of the charging process. To end the session, press the release button on the charging plug and remove it.

New Mercedes EQ owners enjoy free 30-minute charging sessions for their first two years. With Mercedes EQ's all-inclusive ecosystem, the only thing holding you back is how far you want to go.

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