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Mercedes-Benz Tuning & Styling

 Perfect tuning and styling for your Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz tuning is all about making your car your own. Whether you want to individualize your vehicle with unique styling or performance upgrades, there’s a way to do it. Customizing your Mercedes-Benz can be as simple as adding new wheels or changing the color of your paint. Or, you can go all out and upgrade the engine for more power. No matter what you choose to do, there are plenty of ways to customize your car to make it uniquely yours.If you’re looking for ways to individualize your Mercedes-Benz, look no further than these tuning tips. With a little bit of work, you can easily customize your car to make it one of a kind.

Types of tuning

When it comes to tuning, many people think of loudly roaring, lowered and widened sports cars. But tuning encompasses much more, as the English word "tune" suggests. During tuning, the vehicle is improved, optimized or adjusted in the interior, exterior and under the hood. We call it "tuned". There is engine tuning, chassis tuning, body tuning, lighting tuning and interior tuning. Accordingly, not only engine and body parts are used in tuning, but also small accessories, paint, electronic components and much more.

Engine tuning

When it comes to engine tuning, there are the mechanical tuning variants, such as replacing the intake manifold, installing a turbocharger, etc., and the electronic tuning variant, in which the electronic engine control is changed by so-called chip tuning in such a way that the engine receives a considerable increase in performance without mechanical changes. Engine tuning is subject to acceptance and registration and not for the leisure tuner. But does your Mercedes really need more power? Tuning is more about expressing the existing performance and you can achieve that with a sports air filter and a sports exhaust, for example. This gives a really fat sound and, by the way, a few extra horsepower. But please up front, because the standard exhaust system cannot cope with the installation of the heavier sports silencer in the long run. An increase in performance is also only given when the entire exhaust system is replaced.

Body tuning

The bodywork is particularly popular when it comes to tuning, because tuning is primarily about making your vehicle stand out from the crowd with individual styling. This is possible with add-on parts such as spoilers, side skirts, etc., as well as with serious interventions such as lowering, wheel spacers, installation of gullwing doors, California look, etc., which are also subject to acceptance and registration. The attached ABE misleads some to believe that acceptance is not required. In fact, the ABE is required for acceptance, but does not necessarily replace it. However, lowering is only recommended to a limited extent for a Mercedes, as it is at the expense of the tie rod ends, stabilizer and wishbone bearings, etc. Only in some series, such as the 202, which tend to float with the standard chassis, does a subtle lowering make sense to improve driving safety. Wide tires look good and give more lateral support in the corners. The whole thing is paid for with a loss of performance and higher fuel consumption. For rims that are not original Mercedes-Benz rims, the ABE must be carried. Spoilers and side skirts definitely look good and give the vehicle an individual touch. Especially when this is rounded off with a special finish. With certain spoilers, the aerodynamics and the contact pressure improve, so that the styling is complemented by better road holding, an increase in performance and a reduction in consumption. There is an ABE for each part that must be carried. You can find out whether a part has to be entered additionally in the description. Note, however, that the regulations in the EU are different.

Lighting tuning

Hardly anything is as impressive when it comes to tuning as light. Whether LED daytime running lights/headlights, xenon headlights, LED rear lights or ambient lighting. Certain accessories such as the illuminated gear knob round off the lighting package. Danger! Underbody lighting looks great but is prohibited, as is interior lighting that shines too brightly to the outside. However, the illuminated accessories in the interior are mostly unobtrusive and LED strips should be attached in such a way that they are not distracting or dazzle to the outside world. The exterior is upgraded, for example, with LED strips for the license plate lights. Furthermore, normal incandescent lamps can be replaced by LED lamps. This not only looks cool, but also increases safety through an improved light and extremely long service life.

Tuning in the interior

In order for you to feel really comfortable in your Mercedes, the styling of the interior must also be tailored to you. Give your cockpit a new color or change the root wood look to carbon look. Styling and multimedia can no longer be separated today. DIN installation slot out, double DIN in and there's already space for radio, DVD, telephone, sat nav etc. If you want to keep the classic styling of a W126, for example, you still don't have to do without MP3. The small MP3 player for the cigarette lighter sends the MP3 songs directly to the traditional Becker radio. A 12-volt socket in the trunk supplies the cool bag, coffee machine and other accessories. With an inverter, you can even charge your laptop from the car battery or operate other low-power 220-volt devices. Sagging seats spoil the entire styling. Seat covers with funny motifs bring a breath of fresh air into the interior. Leather covers give your Mercedes more elegance. Accessories such as locking buttons, armrests, anti-glare strips, can holders, etc. round off the interior styling.

Tuning exterior

The exterior has already been considered with lighting and body tuning, but certain accessories only give the exterior the finishing touch. With stylish dust caps for tire valves, chrome covers for tailpipes and wheel arches and much more, you set your personal accents.

Interior and exterior accessories

When it comes to tuning, it's the small accessories for the interior and exterior that make up the styling. Take a look around the shop and experience how you can influence the styling of the interior and exterior with a few accessories so that a Mercedes becomes your Mercedes.

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