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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) & GLC (X253) Ambient Light Installation Instruction

How to install Ambient light for Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) & GLC-Class (X253)

Step by step installation guide.


1. Start to knwo what the product components are:
Center console parts (2pcs)
Door parts (4pcs)
Connector cable for center console
Connector cable for for front door 
Connector cable for for rear door 
Extenion cable for rear doors
1. Take off the panel after release the screw with T30 tool
2. Take off the wooden peach part after releasing the METEL buckle
3. Use a pliers or soldering iron cut below the black solder joint to withdraw
the electroplating trim
4. Replace our electroplanting trim ,install the peach panel and fix it with
adhesive or electric iron.
5. Connect the Lamp and replace the original car door handle lamp(package it ,no need anymore)

 6. Run the cable and connect the number 6 plug,

White cable connect 5#,
Brown connect10#,
Orange connect 11#.
Then install the panel to car

Note: Above show for front door , some car version need run extention cable to reardoor , casue original without reserved cable, Just check if there is any reserved pin in the 5#,10#,11# of plug NO6 .

5#,10#, 11# without pin
reserved,need run cable

5# ,10#, 11# with pin reserved, no
need run cable ,same install method as
front door

8.Cables run from rear Left side pillow B to right side pillow B
,diagram show as above

9. Diagram for connecting cable
Pull uptowords
Push downtowords
WHITE BOLT must pull out
Orange 18#, White16#

Rear door brown ground cable connect to brown ground cable oforiginal door handle
Rear door brown ground cable connect o brown ground cable of original door


1. Install the centrol console lamp to the reversed position.make sure that lamp installed is fixed

 2.  Plug the lamp with two end ,replace the cup holder lamp and glove box lamp ,total 6 pcs.

3. Take off the plate under steering wheel,run the cable from centrol console
to left side BLUE plug .Orange connect1#,white connect13#,Brown connect
Ground. then reset.

 后门--Means Rear door ;中控---Means centrol console

Orange 1#, White 13#


Use our plug and play OBD to upgrade.
1. Turn on the car engine.
2. Plug the OBD tool.
3. Wait the car menu shows "DIAGNOSTIC".
4. Locked the car for 2 minutes after the vehicle automatic restart from diagnostic status.
5. Go to vehicle setting menu to check if the Ambient light menu was activated.

Finish :)

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