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Stylish Bulldog Design Air Freshener


Introducing our one-of-a-kind Bulldog Design Air Freshener – the perfect accessory to add a touch of personality and style to your car's interior. This fun and eye-catching air freshener not only enhances your vehicle's aesthetics but also keeps it smelling fresh and inviting. Constructed from ABS material, our bulldog air freshener boasts durability and longevity, ensuring you enjoy its charming...

Cool Air Freshener with Fragrance


Keep your car smelling fresh and clean with this unique bear pilot air freshener. The cute design features a bear pilot sitting in a cockpit, complete with a rotating propeller. This air freshener is perfect for fragrance lovers who want to add a subtle scent to their car without overpowering it. Made of durable ABS material and alloy, this air...

Illuminated Emblem Logo


Make your Mercedes-Benz stand out with a new Illuminated LED Emblem Logo. This upgrade will give your car a unique shine and make it more noticeable, especially at night. The LED lights are bright and long-lasting, ensuring that your car will turn heads wherever you go. The Illuminated Emblem Logo is easy to install and can be fitted in just...

LED Door Warning Light


Make your car more visible and safer in low light conditions with the LED car door warning light. This handy device attaches to your car door and emits a bright light when it is opened, making you more visible and less likely to be involved in an accident. Whether you're getting in or out of your car, the LED car...



Introducing the mini USB LED light, a quick and easy way to add some extra light to your car's interior. This compact and convenient light can be plugged into any USB A port and provides bright, consistent illumination, making it perfect for driving in the dark. The mini USB LED light is available in seven different colors, so you can...

USB A to type C adapter


If you've ever been frustrated by not being able to charge your phone or transfer data using the newer, faster USB type C connection because you only have an older USB A cables, then this product is for you. This small and inexpensive adapter will quickly and easily connect your old and new devices so you can take advantage of...

Car Roof Star Light Kit - RGB LED Lights, Multicolor Effects, App Control


Add a touch of luxury to your car with the Car Roof Star Light Kit. This kit includes RGB LED lights and a remote control, allowing you to easily adjust the color and pattern of the lights to suit your mood. The upgraded Bluetooth remote control connects wirelessly with your smartphone, giving you even more control over the lights. The...

LED Cup Pads


Add some fun and unique flair to your car's cup holders with LED cup pads. These pads offer bright illumination in different light modes, so you can always find the perfect color to match your mood. Whether you're feeling energetic and want a vibrant color, or you're looking for something more calming and subdued, these LED cup pads have you...

LED Exhaust Trims - Red/Blue - 63mm


Add a unique touch to your car's exhaust system with these universal LED exhaust trims. Available in two styles (straight and curved) and two colors (red or blue), you can find the perfect look for your ride. These exhaust trims are designed to fit any model with a 63mm connection, making them the perfect solution for upgrading your vehicle's exhaust...

LED Dynamic Light Strip - LED Dynamic Light Strip -

Dynamic LED Car Light Strip with Start-Up Scanning Function

€39,99 €21,99

Presenting the LED Dynamic Light Strips, a sophisticated and versatile upgrade for your vehicle. Transform your driving experience with these elegant and eye-catching light strips, designed to enhance your car's aesthetics and visibility. With a sleek startup scanning feature, you can showcase your style and make an entrance everywhere you go. Effortlessly install these light strips within minutes, and position...

LED Welcome Light Projector


Upgrade the look of your vehicle with these 2x LED Shadow Welcome Light Projectors. Easy to install, these lights directly replace your current ones and feature a LED light source, making them energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. With a water resistant design, these lights are durable and will last for a long time. When the door is opened, the light will...

DRL (Daytime Running Light) LED Chip for Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 2014-20

€274,99 €249,99

Introducing the DRL (Daytime Running Light) LED Chip for Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 2014-18. This innovative product allows you to easily transform the look of your car by changing the color of your daytime running lights in your headlights. The LED chip is available in two options: Single Color or Multicolor (RGB) for maximum customization and preference. With the RGB option,...