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Interior Cleaner


Maintain the appearance and value of your car with a high-quality car interior cleaner. This cleaner is designed for deep cleaning and is safe for use on all interior surfaces, including upholstery, carpets, and dashboard. It has a neutral pH to avoid damaging any surfaces and is easy to handle, with clear instructions for use. To use this car interior...

Leather & Plactis Restorer


Introducing the Leather & Plastis Restorer – a powerful cleaning solution designed to rejuvenate your car's leather and plastic surfaces, ensuring they remain in pristine condition. With its highly effective formula, this restorer effortlessly eliminates dirt, grime, and other build-up, restoring your car's interior to its original, like-new appearance. Our Leather & Plastis Restorer is specifically engineered for compatibility with...

Plastic Renovator


Looking to restore the original color of your faded plastic car parts? Our Plastic Renovator is here to help! This ceramic coating is specially formulated for automotive exterior plastic panels, and can effectively solve the aging phenomena of whitening and fading. The high hardness ceramic coating protects your plastic parts from long term aging, and ensures that the rain won't...