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Elevate Your Ride with Custom Daytime Running Lights

Discover Unique and Stunning DRL Solutions

Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) have evolved from a simple safety measure to a vital design feature in modern automobiles, catering to a growing trend of vehicle personalization. Enthusiasts seeking to make their cars distinctive and visually appealing find personalized DRLs essential.

What are Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)?

Daytime Running Lights are engineered to be visible in daylight, enhancing a vehicle’s visibility without overpowering oncoming traffic. This continuous operation maintains high visibility in varied lighting and weather conditions.

Daytime Running Lights

The Appeal of Personalized DRLs

While DRLs primarily boost safety, they also serve as a dynamic aesthetic element. Prestigious car brands like BMW have pioneered colored DRLs in special models like the M4 CSL and M5 CS, integrating them as a signature design trait. These vibrant alternatives to the conventional white DRLs allow car owners to express personal style and uniqueness.

Personalized DRLs

Your Partner in Customization: DRLs Direct

At DRLs Direct, they specialize in high-quality DRL boards that cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of their clientele. Their offerings include:

  • Single-Color Options: Choose from CSL-Yellow, Amber, Red, or Blue to give your car a striking, monochrome illumination. Each shade creates a distinct mood and personality on the road, from the vibrancy of CSL-Yellow to the boldness of Red and the serenity of Blue.
  • RGB+W Variants: For those who demand versatility, our RGB+W boards provide complete control over color and brightness through a user-friendly smartphone app. This variant allows you to adjust your DRLs to any color, sync them with music, or explore various lighting modes like pulsing or fading. The addition of a pure white setting ensures you remain compliant with road safety standards when necessary.

Installation Made Simple

Crafted from OEM data, DRLs Direct's boards ensure a perfect fit and straightforward installation for a range of vehicles, including luxury brands like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes, as well as popular makes like Tesla. The installation method depending on the vehicle model and headlight design. Each of their product descriptions includes the required installation method with a linked installation guide:

  • Quick Replacement: This method applies to vehicles where the DRL module is easily accessible, often located above, below, or behind the headlight. It only requires disassembling the DRL module and replacing the DRL boards without the need to fully open the headlight.
  • Complete Headlight Opening: This method is required for vehicles where the DRL boards are installed inside the headlight, necessitating the separation of the headlight glass from the housing for replacement. This installation is more complex, and they strongly recommend professional assistance, but it can also be performed by a skilled DIY enthusiast.

From Their Customers

Clients love the transformation DRLs Direct's boards bring to their vehicles. One BMW M4 owner reported a sportier look with his new CSL-yellow DRLs, praising their brightness and color accuracy. Another customer, who chose RGB+W for his Audi A6, appreciated the diverse color options and the simplicity of the app control.

Customer Testimonials


For those looking to customize their vehicle's lighting, DRLs Direct offers a plethora of premium DRL options tailored to specific car models and personal styles. Discover their full range and empower any vehicle to stand out with enhanced beauty and individuality.

Visit DRLs Direct today and turn your vehicle into an eye-catching spectacle on the road with personalized daytime running lights!

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