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Illuminating Luxury: Ambient Lighting in Mercedes-Benz Models

Ambient lighting is a sought-after feature in modern luxury vehicles, and Mercedes-Benz has been incorporating this feature into their cars for the last few generations. Initially, ambient lighting offered a limited number of colors, but current Mercedes models allow you to choose from up to 64 colors. In this article, we will explore which Mercedes models come with ambient lighting as a standard feature, the cost of optional ambient lighting packages, and how to access and modify the ambient lighting settings in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Additionally, we will discuss aftermarket ambient lighting solutions to upgrade the interior, even for cars without ambient lighting from the factory.


Accessing Ambient Lighting on Your Mercedes-Benz

To access the ambient lighting menu in your Mercedes, navigate through your infotainment menu until you reach the comfort app. The comfort app enables you to adjust both the color and brightness of your ambient lighting. It's worth noting that you can set different brightness levels throughout your vehicle, allowing for personalized lighting preferences.

If your Mercedes is equipped with the MBUX feature, you can also select animation colors, which cycle through different pre-set shades based on your selection.


Mercedes Models with Standard Ambient Lighting

Most current Mercedes-Benz models include ambient lighting as a standard feature, meaning no additional expenses are required to access ambient lighting. The complete list of current Mercedes models with ambient lighting as standard is as follows:

  • A-Class 220
  • AMG GT 43
  • AMG GT 53
  • C-Class Cabriolet 300
  • C-Class Cabriolet 43 AMG
  • C-Class Coupe 300
  • C-Class Coupe 43 AMG
  • C-Class Sedan 300
  • CLA Coupe 250
  • CLA Coupe 35 AMG
  • CLA Coupe 45 AMG
  • CLS Coupe 450
  • E-Class Cabriolet 450
  • E-Class Cabriolet 53 AMG
  • E-Class Coupe 450
  • E-Class Coupe 53 AMG
  • E-Class Sedan 350
  • E-Class Sedan 450
  • E-Class Sedan 53 AMG
  • EQB SUV 300
  • EQB SUV 350
  • EQE Sedan 350
  • EQS 450
  • EQS 580
  • EQS Sedan 450
  • EQS Sedan 580
  • EQS Sedan AMG
  • G-Class 550
  • G-Class 63 S AMG
  • GLA 35 AMG
  • GLA 45 AMG
  • GLB 35 AMG
  • GLC 43 AMG
  • GLC Coupe 300
  • GLC Coupe 43 AMG
  • GLE 350
  • GLE 450
  • GLE 53 AMG
  • GLE 580 GLE 63 S AMG
  • GLE Coupe 53 AMG
  • GLE Coupe 63 S AMG
  • GLS 450 GLS 580
  • GLS 63 AMG Maybach
  • GLS 600
  • Maybach S 580
  • Maybach S 680
  • S-Class 500
  • S-Class 580
  • SL Roadster 55 AMG
  • SL Roadster 63 AMG


    Mercedes Models with Optional Ambient Lighting

    A few current Mercedes-Benz models offer ambient lighting as an optional extra. For the GLA and GLB entry-level models, ambient lighting can be added as a standalone feature, while the GLC 300 requires the purchase of the Premium Package.

    • GLA 250 – $310
    • GLB 250 – $310
    • GLC 300 – $700 (part of the Premium Package)


    Mercedes Models Without Ambient Lighting

    Currently, the AMG GT C and Black Series models do not offer ambient lighting options. These two models are from older generations and prioritize track performance. Consequently, Mercedes-Benz has removed several optional extras from the GT C and Black series. Although the next generation is expected to include ambient lighting, it is not currently available for these models.

    • AMG GT C
    • AMG GT Black Series


    Upgrade Your Mercedes-Benz with Our Aftermarket Ambient Lighting Solutions

    For those whose vehicles do not come with factory-installed ambient lighting, our online store offers aftermarket solutions to upgrade the interior of your Mercedes-Benz. These kits provide a similar aesthetic and customization options, allowing you to personalize your vehicle's interior and create a unique, comfortable atmosphere.

    Not only do we offer solutions for vehicles without ambient lighting, but we also have kits to upgrade from 3 and 12 colors to 64 colors for those who already have ambient lighting installed. Additionally, we provide a variety of other options, such as 3D rotation speakers, illuminated air vents, and more, to further enhance and customize your Mercedes-Benz interior.

    Browse our selection of aftermarket ambient lighting kits and other interior enhancement options to transform your vehicle's interior today!



    In conclusion, ambient lighting is an increasingly popular feature in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, allowing drivers to create a personalized and comfortable atmosphere in their cars. Many current models come with ambient lighting as standard, while others offer it as an optional extra. For those without factory-installed ambient lighting or those looking to upgrade their existing system, aftermarket solutions are available to enhance the interior of your Mercedes-Benz. With various customization options, such as 3D rotation speakers and illuminated air vents, you can create a unique driving experience that suits your style and preferences. Explore our range of aftermarket ambient lighting kits and other interior enhancement options to elevate your Mercedes-Benz to new heights of luxury and comfort.

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